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> It might be helpful to note that there is no economism, fatalism,
> functionalism, etc., in Marxism.

The above reminds me of why Marx said that he was not a Marxist. In any 
event, there seems to be the assertion that there is only one valid 
interpretation of Marxism. Is the Marxism of "diamat" the "Marxism" of 
Marx?  Is "diamat" the only Marxism?

>  Marxism, from what I have seen, is
> thoroughly dialectical and unequivocally based on Dialectical 
> Materialism.   Thus, Marx and Engels saw the struggle between idealism 
> and  materialism as a struggle indissolubly  linked to class struggle.  
> The  notion that the emergence of "subjectivity  theory" is linked to 
> the  "common point of departure" Jerry describes is  correct insofar as 
> we  qulaify this by saying that this is a  view advanced by 
> revisionists,  post-Marxists, neo-Marxists, ex-Marxists, western 
> Marxists  and anti-Communists of all hues.

I don't think you are using the term "subjectivity theory" in the same 
way that many Marxists have used the expression "the working class as 
subject." How does the logic of capital relate to the logic of a the 
working class pursuing its own needs and in perpetual conflict with capital?
> Not surprisingly, there are many conscious exploiter-class organizations in 
> the world still actively trying to discredit or dismiss Dialectical  
> Materialism.  Many of these exploiter-class organizations are small, 
> obscure,  covert entities located in Europe. Of course, they exist in other 
> parts of the world.
> In short, this "subjectivity" issue is NOT at the heart of many debates 
> among Marxists.  But it is, I think, at the heart of many debates among  
> anti-Marxists and anti-communists of all stripes.
> If anyone is interested in explosive Marxist accounts of psychology and 
> subjectivity, accounts firmly based on the scientific tenets of 
> Dialectical Materialism, feel free to contact me.
The question of working-class self-activity can not be reduced to 
psychology. Anyway, I thank you Shawgi for your post. You have expressed 
many of the ideas that many Marxists have been revolting against. That is 


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