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Sun Feb 4 20:12:12 MST 1996

Bryan A. Alexander wrote:

> 	I'm not sure if Negri's reading of GRUNDRISSE plays out for other 
> subjectivity-minded recent critics - I'm willing to bet not.  But his 
> return to the notebooks, a move echoes by many others, is vital to the 
> whole subjectivity question within Marxism.
Negri's interpretation, in many ways, serves as the basis for the "Open 
Marxism" school that includes people such as Simon Clarke, Harry Cleever, 
John Holloway, and Maria Rosa Dalla Costa. Rakesh has described some of 
their writings before. There is, BTW, a l*st at Sp*ons in which a number 
of people who are supportive of this tradition are members. Anyway, I 
agree that Negri's interpretation of the _Grundrisse_ is not generally 
accepted by other "recent critics", but that many view the _Grundrisse_ 
as an essential work that reveals much of Marx's theory. It should be 
recalled that the publication of the _Grundrisse_ caused quite a storm of 
controversy among Marxists. Vygodoskij and Rosdolsky present more 
"standard" (compared to Negri and Lebowitz) interpretations of the 
> 	 I'm also not sure what we can make of this phantom limb of Marx, 
> these airy constructions across notebooks into the virtual volumes of 
> CAPITAL.  Perhaps this l*st needs to do a (re)read of the GRUNDRISSE.

Bryan, that would be a very weighty project indeed. I don't think it 
would really work out well here for a variety of reasons (although, you 
are welcome to try). I do understand,  though, that there is  another 
l*st that supposedly specializes in a slow  reading of Marx. I say  
"supposedly" because more than 6 months after I  sub*scribed, I have yet 
to receive a post! Now _that's_ slow.  Does anyone have an explanation 
for the phantom Marx l*st?


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