PERU: The Tale of Killing "Leftists"

Luis Quispe lquispe at
Sun Feb 4 22:03:27 MST 1996

> Louis: Not everybody who fights gun in hand against capitalist governments 
> should get a blank-check. Stalin as leader of the Soviet people was 
> leading a progressive struggle against Hitler's invading armies. He was 
> defending socialist property relations. He also continued to jail and 
> murder political opponents "on the left" and offered the same excuses as 
> the Shining Path: they were impeding the struggle. It ill-served the left 
> to have given Stalin a blank check back then, it also ill-serves us to 
> do the same sort of thing today. 
> Louis: You try to make good points, but they lack objectivity. You have
  a deep biased against Stalin and the PCP -you make have read
  the Troskyte version on Stalin, but on the PCP you have no
  knowledge. The IU does not exist anymore (now is symbolic), and you go on
  saying the IU is similar to the opposition to Stalin. It is ridiculous.
  IU have been atomized, it obtained 0.5% in the last election. It is
  irrelevant to the development of the People's War. It is accurate to say
  however that many of the leaders of the PCP comes from the ranks of
  groups that were part of the IU in the early 80s.

> Furthermore, perhaps the problem with Shining Path is not that they are not 
> struggling, but that they are not struggling intelligently. The French 
> resistance fought valiantly against Hitler, but was easily persuaded to 
> back DeGaulle as soon as the war was over. We need to be more 
> discriminating. The heroism of Shining Path combatants is not in 
> question, nor is their appeal to the most downtrodden peasants in the 
> mountains. What is in question is their ability to take the level to the 
> next higher level. Peru has a working-class that has been in significant 
> struggles for most of the 20th century. I don't see much evidence that 
> the Shining Path has involved them in struggle. Castro won the campesinos 
> and the workers in the cities to the revolutionary cause. Shining Path 
> remains a rural phenomenon and Peru will not become socialist without the 
> working-class.
> Good point. The PCP has done a lot of work with the urban proletariat
  and the underemployed and unemployed (which is the largest sector in the
   cities i.e., Lima) The evidence is the success of the Armed Strikes
  capable of paralizing a city of about 8-9 million people and a large
  industry. The People's Democratic Revolutionary Movement (MRDP) leads
  the struggle in the cities [please read the work of the Rand Corporation,
  From the Andes to the Cities by Gordon McCormick] Note. We have also
  provide you a 150 pg. PCP document on the urban work of the PCP.
  Greetings, Luis.

> On Sun, 4 Feb 1996, Paul Cockshott wrote:
> >     Carlos:
> >     Not, in politics is not enough.  You need to clearly state if you
> >     support or not the criminal rump gang of the Senderistas who murder
> >     other leftists without proof of being guilty, without a trial,
> >     without a possibility of defending themselves. Silence, my dear,
> >     even in the name of friendship, in a case like this, is tantamount
> >     to be an accomplice.
> > 
> > Paul
> > ----
> > Only practice can show whether it is a good thing or not.
> > 
> > If the Sendera win the war the presumption will have to be that
> > it is a good thing to kill rival leftists. If they do not win
> > the presumption will go the other way.
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