Amnesty International on Peru

Matt D. afn02065 at
Mon Feb 5 08:42:48 MST 1996

Chris B. wrote:

>Nevertheless the record of their [AI's] statements over the last 5 years was
>useful to me to get an idea of how appalling the government's record is on 
>violent repression, but also frankly why a major international campaigning 
>agency considers that there is substantial evidence of atrocities by both the 
>MRTA and Sendero Luminoso. 

Having myself browsed these same AI resources (you may remember I posted
excerpts last time we discussed the Peruvian situation), I recall no documented
instances from AI about "atrocities" by the PCP.  Rather, there was plenty
of actual documented info about government terror, w/ empty "condemnations"
of the armed opposition, not providing specific examples.

What is a specific example of a PCP "atrocity" -- preferably from a source other
than the Fujimori dictatorship?

-- Matt D.

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