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Dear friends
        The two bills of HR 2202, HR 1915and the senate equal S1394 are
only two bills of many anti immigrant bills in the congress.  HR 2202 has
gone through immigration committee and it is working it way to the floor.
Write call or send e-mail and let your representative or Seator know how
you feel about them. Please pass the info. to at least 10 folks so that the
word gets out.  Time is short and if you have any questions on how to call
or get hold of your representative let me know.  Also if you know of
interested folks give me their e-mail.   I have summerized some of the
points of the bill and facts about them.  You may  agree with parts or all
of the objections the point is to let your representative know.  In
addition their is an electronic petition opposing HR 2202 on basis of it
limiting H-1 visa on the internet at:

         (Against Immigration ?
Think Again!)
Of course we recommend that you also personally write and phoe your
representative and Senators.
If any one has problem locating address and phone number of their
representative or senator you can contact me at:
soltansr at

*In House of Representative bill 2202, family immigration would be reduced
by over 30%, with immigration by adult children and siblings virtually
eliminated, and the immigration of refugees are cut by 50%.  It restricts
immigration of parents of US citizens unless more than 50% of their
children are citizens or legal residents of the US.  An additional catch to
this is that if the family-sponsored immigration does not have sufficient
quota allocated in a particular year, the difference will be subtracted
from the number of professional and skilled workers scheduled to be
admitted. This could further reduce admission in this category by as much
as HALF !

*According to the nonpartisan Urban Institute in 1994, immigrants and
refugees pay approximately $28 million a year more in taxes than they
consume in services. Considering that only 8% of the U.S. population is
foreign born, the net surplus of $28 million contributed by immigrants and
refugees assumes great significance. Not only do immigrants consume very
little of welfare funds, they actually subsidize, as it were, the welfare
of others !  In addition The Council of Economic Advisers similarly found
in 1986 that "immigrants have a favorable effect on the overall standard of

*America is not being overrun with immigrants.  Except for the real Native
Americans, we are a nation of immigrants.  As of 1990, foreign-born people
only make up 8% of the population.  Most of those who immigrate every year
are immediate relatives of the US citizens or are refugees.  Contrary to
popular belief most illegal aliens do not cross the border illegally, but
enter legally and overstay their visitor visas. only 13% of all immigrants
residing  in the United States are undocumented accounting for 1% of the
total population.

*Immigrants Create jobs and do not take jobs from US Citizens.  There is
virtually no evidance to support this most wide-spread misunderstanding
about the immgrants.  As an example couple years ago the state of New York
reported that immgrants own more than 40,000 companies in New York, which
provide thousands of jobs and contribute $3.5 billion to the state's
economy.  One study found between 1970-1980 Mexican immigration to Los
Angeles County was responsible for 78,000 new jobs.  Many studies
demonstrated that there is a positive correlation between states who admit
immigrants and employment.  The current wave of unemployment  and
insecurity  felt by many is result of coporate restructuring and movement
of multinational companies to the overseas.

* HR 2202 is attempting legalize the concept that "Non-citizen immigrants
are not entitled to constitutional rights" and limit immigrant rights.
Although the Constitution literally extends the fundamental protections in
the Bill of Rights to all people (limiting to citizens only the right to
vote and run for office) the federal government acts as if this were not
the case.  In a case last December the Federal Ninth Circuit Court ruled
that Non-citizens have equal first amendment rights.  This ruling relates
to government use of so called "anti-terrorist clause of 1990 Immigration
Act.  The same clause has been strengthened in the HR 2202 .  This clause
may be used to deny non-citizen immigrants first amendment rights.  The
courts have recently struck down several provisions of proposition 187
which attempts to deny education and medical needs to the undocumented

*In seeking to halt even legal immigration, advocates of this bill have
revealed that they have not distinguished between the legal process of
immigration and undocumented aliens. The FACT is that legal immigration
brings to the USA a wealth of skilled, experienced workers who can and do
contribute to the success of the USA in both global and national markets.
Does immigration have an impact on life in America? Yes! In the most
comprehensive study to date, the U.S. Department of Labor has concluded
that immigrants keep U.S. industries competitive, increase employment
through higher rates of self-employment, and increase wages and mobility
opportunities for many groups of U.S. workers. The immense contribution of
immigrants who come here with the desire to work and live has helped the US
to remain a leader on the cutting edge of technology.

*The Smith bill eliminates prompt, streamlined immigration by the best of
the best. H.R. 2202 is subtitled an immigration bill "in the national
interest", yet it ironically disserves our national economic interests by
eliminating many employers' ability to promptly immigrate individuals with
recognized expertise. In the software development industry this will result
in many projects for U.S. companies not being  completed on a timely basis
resulting in reduced competitiveness for those companies.  Increasing U.S.
competitiveness, not decreasing is absolutely essential in today's global

*The bill on immigration reform is known as the "Immigration in the
National Interest Act  of 1995" (H.R. 2202). This bill, introduced by
Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX), has already been passed by the House Committee
on Immigration and is now on its way to Congress. While current U.S.
immigration policy is directly and effectively designed to benefit the U.S.
economy, this bill is not. Instead, it would virtually destroy the huge
technological strides the nation has made thus far by attracting talent
from all parts of the globe.

*Employment-based immigration would be reduced drastically.
Employment-based visa categories would have new experience requirements
added that would make it impossible for US companies to get the skills they
need when they were needed. In addition, companies who let go of local
workers would be forced to pay 110% of that workers salary to the new H-1B

*A specific provision of the bill that will be harmful to many small
businesses is Section 806 relating to H-1B non immigrants. This provision
was added because proponents of cut legal immigration think that these
workers are taking over local job markets and receiving free welfare

*Actually, in the U.S. information technology industry there are only
12,000 workers on an H-1B visa out of a total work force of 6,000,000. The
number is clearly insignificant in relation to the entire work force yet
the H-1B workers are vital to the successful completion of many projects.

In the Senate The Simpson Bill S. 1394 is has very many negative features
of HR 2202 except it is even more restrictive.  Please write to your
senators and stop S. 1394.  Let's have immigration reform that truly
reforms the system and not punish immigrants .

Get friends involved and make a difference.

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