Cockburn Embraces Newtism

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> I was shocked to read in today's SF Examiner a review by Alexander Cockburn
> of Hillary Clinton's new book.  At a time when the right has targeted Hillary
> and subjected her to a vicious campaign (see "Grand Inquisitors" in "In These
> Times" 2/5) as a way of hitting Clinton for the few good things he does,
> Cockburn  joins the lynch mob.
> Worse his attack on what he calls "Therapeutic Cops" is an attack on every
> governmental effort to help children, to defend them from parental abuse, and
> to insist that society has a responsibility for the youngest and most
> vulnerable among us.  This at a time when Newt seeks to end such
> "therapeutic" efforts as insisting that a child has a right to eat!

----I have not read the article, but I read a similar article about hrc's 
book by Katha Pollit in the Nation.  I thought she made some excellent 
points about the ironly of a woman who writes about this nation's 
children when her husband's policies will put a million some odd more 
kids into the straitsx of poverty...

> The article is appauling.  It is in fact sick!  It portrays  Hillary in the
> same spirit, and almost the same language, as Limbaugh.  Does Cockburn also
> object to Hillary as a strong woman who insists on playing a role in the
> political life of this nation?

-----This is a cheap shot.  would you ask the same question of pollit?

> I believe that Cockburn has inflated his critique of liberalism to the point
> that he gives succor to the extreme right in this nation.  So it was with his
> earlier defense of the Militias.  
---Cockburn never defended militias.  He advised against endorsing police 
state measures to deal with them, much as one might argue against 
censhorship to deal with more revolting forms of porn, since feminists, 
gays, and the left would be the first targets of such police state measures.

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