Hey Charlotte, Scott .. Do you agree with this s...?

CEP iwp.ilo at ix.netcom.com
Sun Feb 4 01:33:27 MST 1996

    Hey Charlotte, Scott, your friends of Shiny Shit have more          
    messages.  Charlotte, since you said that you won't be split
    from them in spite of my attempts to separate you from them,
    see what you did ... now you're all sticked to them.  Read them
    and then blush ...

You(Shiny Shit writer) wrote: 
>> In China, during the Japanese occupation, the regime of the 
>> leader' Wang Ching-wei (a Trotskist), played the same role regarding 

(a lot of bullshit sniped)

>> Kamenev, Bukharin, Zinoviev, and other ringleaders of opportunism 
>> revisionism, were not executed for 'desviations'.  Any serious study 
>> their trials cannot but conclude that these were fair and fully 
legal trials
>> and that the accussed were guilty as charged of having plotted the 
>> of the Soviet regime.

    ( and further more shit is splashed)

>> Moreover, the confessions of Kamenev, Zinoviev, Bukharin and other 
are there
>> in black and white, and they themselves requested the punishment 
>> received. It is only the agents of the bourgeoisie who - without 
regard to
>> the integrity of the very 'Bolshevik leaders' they 'defend' who 
questioned -
>> several years after the facts were known - these trial alleging
>> 'brainwashing', etc.

    And then, this idiot also wrote:
>> I myself, have studied this in full and have no doubts on the 
question of
>> their guilt, particularly that of Trotsky, their mentor and 
>> Trotsky had already deserted the Soviet Union and gone over to 
>> anti-Soviet propaganda in the fascist press abroad (Lord 
Beaverbook's Daily

    ... and so on the shiny shit continues

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