Can this l*st be salvaged?

Jukka Laari jlaari at
Fri Feb 2 13:29:43 MST 1996

What to say? 

Perhaps. But it'll take some work.

I subbed the list in summer 1994. I got long Welcome-message in which 
aims of the list were told. Primarily list was intended for 'academic' 
discussion on marxism. I don't know whether that same welcome post is 
still standard reading for newcomers... However, as someone (sorry, I've 
forgot who) already wrote, 'academics' in a sense or another usually are 
marxist activists, too. So I don't see on what grounds splitting this 
list could serve anything, except those for whom 'academic' questioning 
is somehow a threat. Ergo: please, stop that splitting babble. 

It seems to be one standard feature of the list (first one I remember 
happened in autumn '94)! And it's annoying when it's repeated. There's 
room for everyone - conceptual thinking isn't only for 'academics' - and 
this list could be a good way to get information around the world for 
both 'activists' and 'academics'. Provided, that people choose 
discussion instead of flaming.

During the last 18-19 months flaming and the like have increased. You 
don't have to be a statistician to tell that. When it comes to flaming, 
I've had one rule of thumb for understanding it: a lack of arguments 
causes flaming. I think it's simple as that. 

Arrogance? Yes, there surely is that too, it's 'great heritage' of Marx. 
Unfortunately his wit isn't as commonly associated with arrogance as it 
should be. I don't know... somehow this list is today like some new age 
group; a bit disappointed because it seems that One Wisdom resists 
individual prayers?

Partly because of these negative trends several people, who had something 
to say, have unsubbed. Sad. I've sometimes noticed I've tried to guess 
what N.N. or X would have said to some particular thread. Now we'll never 

Yours, Jukka L

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