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Thu Feb 8 18:06:40 MST 1996

Gary M. wrote:

> The wars Jerry has unleashed against the mods has 
> pushed me at least once to the edge.

Gary and some other co-mods continue to claim that I have launched a 
"war" against them. Gary and others continue to personalize the question 
rather than deal with many of the real issues that I _and many others_ 
have raised. There is also not even the hint of self-criticism in Gary's post.

> I will stand by that commitment.  On a self moderating 
> l*st this simply means that there will be a group of people who will 
> take upon themselves the explicit task of thinking about the l*st in a 
> meta way.

We need moderators for _that_?  The current grouping, perhaps 
unintentionally, has become a clique which defends itself from "outside" 
attack and, IMO, puts what is best for them individually ahead of what is 
best for the li*t.

> Jerry seems to me to be locked int 
> this syndrome.  I have tried to reason with him , but he is beached 
> somewhere on a world beyond my reach.

You have _not_ tried to reason with me. On numerous occasions I 
explained my perspectives to you and the most you could say was "cool 
it."  By your unwillingness to address the issues, your dismissive 
attitude, and your defense of flamers and outragers and your flames (e.g. 
against Ralph), you contributed in no small measure to the current 

> Jerry now will snip and flame over this.  that is his perogative.  I will 
> exercise mine by requesting him to cease writing to me off li*t as a 
> moderator and by deleting all contributions with his header.  That is sad 
> but I fear necessary.

I changed the subject line just for you, Gary. :-)

I'll "cc" you a copy just in case.

The attitude of the co-mods is contradictory, to put it mildly. When I 
attempt to address comments to them off-li*t (since I didn't want to burden
the li*t with additional communications on this subject), they claim that 
I am "harassing" them. When *they* take the issues to the li*t and when I 
respond, I am charged with declaring "war" on them. You can't have it 
both ways.

I have tried on numerous occasions to "disengage" (Lisa's term). Each 
time I do so, I am treated to additional misrepresentations, personal 
attacks, and escalation. 

Gary shows once again that their pride cometh before their concern for 
the li*t.


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