The Question of Violence -- Part 1

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Fri Feb 9 06:20:57 MST 1996

On Sat, 3 Feb 1996 LeoCasey at wrote:

> violence of 'necklacings'? Nonetheless, I insist upon drawing an absolute
> line of demarcation between the ANC, on the one hand, and the Shining Path,
> on the other hand, because the ANC has always seen the use of violence as a
> necessary evil in a larger political struggle a goal of which is the
> elimination of that very evil, and has struggled with the effect of that evil
> upon itself, while the Shining Path has embraced the evil wholeheartedly and
> reduced all political struggle to it. There is a difference, a vital
> difference, between armed struggle and terror.

	I agree with the principles of drawing the line between the
neccesary evil of violence, and unnecessary violence. I just don't know
enough about the Peruvian conflicts to make a decision about the Shining
Path, though I would certainly denounce the group assuming its killing
rival factions. 

> To start this thread off, I would like to reproduce a posting I wrote on the
> Public Labor list a number of months ago. I think it does a good job of
> raising the issues which should be addressed in this thread, even though I
> know that, for some, it will only confirm that I am a petty-bourgeois
> pacficist. C'est la vie.

	Will you please post the second-part to this post if you have'nt
already, as I would like to read it. Thanks..

Cols, Oh

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