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I don't know this book, but I know Kitching's earlier work. Frankly I'm
surprised that Kai thought well of this. Maybe this book is better. K's
previous work is a sort of post-Marxism that won't recognize itself as
such, He denies the scientific content oif Marx's work because he rejects
science as such, which he mistakenly identifies with logical positivism. --jks

On Thu, 8 Feb 1996, Robert Peter Burns wrote:

> Has anyone on the list come across _Marxism and Science_
> by Gavin Kitching (Penn State, 1994?).  If so, with
> what thoughts?
> In the blurb Kai Nielsen says this about it:
> "This striking and very readable book should be
> read not only by political scientists and philosophers
> but far more widely by other scholars in the humanities
> and social sciences as well as by the intellectual public
> generally.  It perceptively articulates and defends a form
> of Wittgensteinian Marxism and brilliantly criticizes the
> scientism of much of classical Marxism which tries to model
> Marxian theory on a realist picture of natural science.  
> Kitching argues that such a conception of Marxism is both
> theoretically unsound and often politically pernicious."
> Peter
> rburns at
> PS--For a really interesting account of what a 'materialist
> theology' would look like, see Peter Scott, _Theology,
> Ideology, and Liberation_ (Cambridge U. Press, 1994).
> PPS--It is with great sadness that I report to the list the
> death in Uruguay of Juan Luis Segundo SJ, IMO the very best 
> of the liberation theologians.  He was 70.
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