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Subject: Questions for The Communist Party of Peru (PCP)


1. Comrade Olachaea, a spokesman for the Shining Path, in an address to the 
Stalin Society in Great Britain, claims that the "new fascism", as 
opposed to the "old fascism" of Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco, will be 
based on NGOs, Human Rights organizations, Church-based aid groups, etc. 
Does this mean that the main fascist danger today is not skinheads, 
neo-Nazis, etc., but forces such as Amnesty International and Maryknoll nuns 
that are working in third-world countries like Peru?

Dear Louis Proyect:

There are two possibilities for you in asking this question. One is that 
you are really ignorant on the political situation of Peru and want to learn
about it (that's fine). The second one is that you are a dishonest 
individual who falsify and distort information by saying Olaechea says
this, El Diario says that, even Chairman Gonzalo says something -that
in reality are pure fabrications (Peruvian cops known as Senderologists
are vicious twisting and fabricating quotes -are you getting your info
on Peru from the mediocre apprentices of Senderologist and the infamous 
-because they have no fame- the Renique Brothers?). Let's go by parts: 1) 
The speech of Olaechea does not contain the crazy allegations you make,
the PCP does not persecute nuns and priests [as a matter of fact,
several fronts have been formed in the interior with some of them -I cannot
spell out here for security reasons- the PCP respect the religiosity of the
people but is against the Church hierarchy and your holy pope who have
blessed the bloody bayonets of the Army. AI is not a target of the PCP, 
and they know it. 2) Comrade Olachea is not the spokesman of the Party 
-he is a supporter- and spokesman of the Sol Peru Committee of London. 
The Peru People's Movement (MPPs) speak for the Party abroad.
2. In the same address Olachaea states that the PCP is 
attempting to create a Popular Front government such as the kind that 
existed in Spain. While Shining Path has exposed and punished left 
"collaborators" with the Alan Garcia and Fujimoro regimes, it now seems 
interested in establishing a government which is a collaboration between the 
"progressive" bourgeoisie and the PCP. This will be the Popular 
Front of Peru. What wing of the bourgeoisie would fit into a Peruvian Popular 
OK. The III Plenum of the PCP calls for the development of the
People's Front of Liberation (See the New Flag Vol. 2, No. 3) based
on the alliance of classes already participating in the revolution:
The proletariat, the peasants (mainly the poor peasants), the petty
bourgeossie (students, intellectuals, State employees, small merchants, etc.)
The national bourgeossie (it is small) does not participate but their 
interests are being protected and should be won by the revolution (this is
the wing of the bourgeossie that is being the most with the liberal 
economic policies). All these classes (regardless of their membership in the 
Party participate in the Struggle Committees in the cities and the
People's Committees in the countryside. For the benefit of the list, we will 
ask Comrade Oleachea his views on this matter.

3. You attack "asistencialiasma". This is the phenomena of NGOs, 
Church-based groups, etc. providing food, health-care, technical aid to 
third-world countries. You view this as fostering dependency on 
imperialist hand-outs. Sendero has executed individuals involved with 
such programs. What is your view of the movement backing Aristide in 
Haiti? The backbone of Aristide's popular movement is exactly the same as 
you target for liquidation in Peru: NGOs, Church-based groups, etc. Would 
a Haitian version of Shining Path target Aristide's movement? How do you 
pick and choose which brand of "asistencialiasma" is progressive, if any, and 
which is reactionary?
Let's get it straight. The PCP is not against the handouts and other benefits
the masses can receive if these services and handouts are adminestered by
themselves -and not controlled by the Army and CIA fronts  for 
counterinsurgency purposes. All these handouts
were won with the blood and struggle of the people -if there was not
People's War -a revolution- should they get handouts? You should remember
operation "beans and guns" in Guatemala, the Phoenex pacification program
in Vietnam --in Peru there is a similar "pacification" program. FYI (and
should know better), in 1994-95, 3/4 of the US foreign economic aid to
Latin America is thrt NGOs (get real! they are not mother Theresa, their
purpose is Law Intensity Warfare against the People's War.)
Is father Aristide a revolutionary? Who put him in power? Is he seeking
socialism or at least a People's Democracy? you sound like Rodney
King after being beat -why cannot get along? have you forgotten about
the class struggle? I must say one thing, the Church hierarchy in Peru
is more reactionary than the one in Haiti and Central America. Examples:
The yankee killer priest Father Mariano (advertised in the NYT in 
military fatigues): a trainer of paramilitary death squads (Rondas
campesinas), Archbishop of Ayacucho Jaun Luis Cipriani -political-military
representative of Fujimori, leader of the rondas in Ayacucho (magazine 
Caretas June 15, 1995.) This killer priest worked with Caritas and
Foncodes a Spainard NGO. So, the PCP targets selectively known enemies
of the people with debts of blood who are investigated and found guilty
by the people beyond any reasonable doubt. 

4. I have heard that the Revolutionary Communist Party in the United States, 
the legendary and heroic Maoist formation, supports Gonzalo who has called 
for a halt to the armed struggle, while the Committee to Support the 
Revolution in Peru (CSRP), which is aligned with the armed combatants. The 
guerrilla fighters insist on fighting to the bitter end. What are the facts?
Does such a split exist? Who are the revisionist enemies?

Louis where do you get your info? from the Peruvian Embassy, the State 
Department or the Socialist Workers Party?
The PCP is not split and President Gonzalo has never made any call for a
halt to the armed struggle -to the contrary on Sept. 24 1992, he called
the Party and the People's Army to continue the revolution now in the
stage of strategic equilibrium preparing the insurrection in the cities.
There were unsupportive allegations made by Fujimori at the UN that Gonzalo 
has written letters or made video tapes. The PCP Central Committee has 
categorically denied it and call it a counterrevolutionary hoax. The 
question is easy, if they clain such things happened why they don't show him
before the international press in person?

You are all mix up on the RCP-USA. They support the continuation of the
People's War so does the CSRP (the CSRP is a front of the RCP-USA).
What happened with them is what is happening with you right know.
During 1993-1995, they were confused by the imperialist propaganda against 
the PCP and waited 2 years on the fences -as opportunists- to reaffirm support
to the People's War. In the meantime, they jumped on reformist struggles 
such as the Zapatistas, etc. The RCP is not much different from the
other "leftist" parties in the belly in the beast. Chairman Gonzalo
said: "The best way to support the revolution in Peru is to wage
revolution in your own country." [Interview, 1988]

More question Louis Proyect?

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