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Sat Feb 10 17:10:45 MST 1996

Here we have "Carlos" (Mr. "Shiny Shit" himself) delivering another sober and
cogent post on the world revolution.  I do not know much about his little
newspaper, "Left Opposition" (which he shrewdly guesses I have never read),
but the pattern of "expatriates" suddenly showing up to spread lies about
revolutionaries is by now a familiar one.  "Carlos" claims to have "direct
knowledge" of "hundreds" of "leftists" killed by the PCP (he mentions PUM,
among others).  Are we to believe him?  Let him present evidence instead of
his persistent cacophony of scatological abuse directed against those who
support the PCP.  Yes, we support the PCP, just as we, as internationalists,
support all anti-imperialist revolutions carried out by fellow communists.
  There are many who whore on revolution; the imperialists have very deep
pockets.  Those who move easily from country, apparently with little
difficulty, who seem to be "flush" with spending money and "inside knowledge"
of this or that revolutionary movement, who deign to "advise" others who to
support and who not to support, who make promiscuous charges without a shred
of evidence, these are certainly the activities of the cheap liar and
provocateur.  We know nothing about "Carlos" other than what he has told us.
 Let him present his evidence so that we can all decide whether is arguments
are genuine, or mere provocation.
                                              Louis Godena   

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