Godena: the Walter Mitty of left politics

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Sun Feb 11 06:27:22 MST 1996

On Sat, 10 Feb 1996 Godenas at aol.com wrote:

>   There are many who whore on revolution; the imperialists have very deep
> pockets.  Those who move easily from country, apparently with little
> difficulty, who seem to be "flush" with spending money and "inside knowledge"
> of this or that revolutionary movement, who deign to "advise" others who to
> support and who not to support, who make promiscuous charges without a shred
> of evidence, these are certainly the activities of the cheap liar and
> provocateur.  We know nothing about "Carlos" other than what he has told us.
>  Let him present his evidence so that we can all decide whether is arguments
> are genuine, or mere provocation.

Louis: Godena raises the accusation that Carlos is a police 
spy. By doing this, he has proven Carlos's point exactly. Anybody who 
doesn't kow-tow to the Shining Path or their fellow-travelers *must* be 
some kind of agent.

Comrades, who says the left can't make progress? Can you imagine what it 
was like in 1938 or so when the shop you were working in, or the school 
you attended, had hundreds of Godenas running around?

Turn the clock forward to 1971. There were hardly any workers any longer 
who had any illusions in Stalin. There were, however, still many students 
who had come under the influence of Maoism. Most were enthusiastic about 
the Cultural Revolution, but in the process of becoming fans of Mao, they 
bought into the whole hagiography of Stalin.

Now, in 1996, we have one Louis Godena, a member of the CPUSA who is a 
die-hard Stalinist, and who is pretty much disowned by Scott Marshall, an 
important young leader of the CPUSA.

What is Godena?

Godena is a crank and an eccentric. His love for Stalin answers some deep 
psychological need, I suppose. His posts reflect minimal involvement with 
the class struggle in the United States. No wonder, since the union movement 
which despite all of its flaws, is part of the problem to Godena, not 
part of the solution. He closes his eyes and dreamily considers Peru. He 
sees himself in a Shining Path cell where he could have the liberty to 
put a bullet in Carlos or me.

Instead he is in the United States where people are preoccupied with the 
boring matters of the environment, downsizing or health care. To deal 
with these problems, you need solutions, especially solutions that are 
based on reality not wishes.

But Godena traffics in wishes. If only the CPUSA was the way it used to 
be, back in the good old days when Stalin worship was mandatory. If only 
the Marxists on this l*st would pay more attention to him, rather than 
regarding him as curiosity. If only....

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