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Sun Feb 11 15:22:04 MST 1996

Understand this, Kevin and understand it clearly. I am not a Stalinist. I
have *great* admiration for Scott Marshall. What I am is a Communist-a
Marxist-Leninist. Not a Maoist. I have no interest in MIM or PLP. I *love* my
Party and would do anything for it. So do not dare insinuate that I am not
loyal to my Party. About your characterization, it's obvious you haven't read
a word that Gus Hall says. You read the New Yourk Times and what else? The
Corresponder?? Dialogue and Initiative?? Oh well, it is a great honor to be
put in the category of someone like Gus Hall, an exemplary person, and an
exemplary Communist. This is nothing more than the old "divide and conquer".
Try to pit one of us against the other all you want--see this, we are
stronger than that. A defense of the Soviet Union is not a crime--I have read
many before by major leftist authors and activists like Michael Parenti, Mike
Davidow, Lem Harris, Sam Webb and many, many others. But I suppose they, like
Gus Hall, Louis and I are just "stalinists" to be discarded. Will you throw
away some of the greatest events in the history of the left wing because they
happened in the 1930s? Will you reject and degrade a consistently
workingclass, militant and progressive Party in the name of a long-dead
Soviet leader? All I can say is that I certainly hope not. Comradely,

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