"Young Liberal Fascist" Series

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Sun Feb 11 13:42:52 MST 1996

Dear Shawgi,

You contribute on many themes. While IMO it is helpful for this debate
on this l'st to have people on it who champion the overall positive nature of 
Stalin's contributions as well as those who are sharply critical, I find
the Young Liberal Fascist series  unhelpful, and I would like you to 
address the question a different way.

My problems with it are these.

While you say that you are against people who are anti-discussion, the 
presentation of this series in not done in a way conducive to discussion.
I understand it is polemical series in a newspaper of the CPC-ML against
a member of the Canadian Young Liberals. You gave little or no context for
this and your cross posting of it differs I suggest from a newsitem of 
important interest (eg your cross posting of the near lynching of a 9 year old
black child) and is close to spam. By that I mean a sort of downloading that
it not part of a discussion.

Granted you are demonstrating that you are no easy push over in your defence of 
Stalin, but where is the discussion? Barkley's brief enquiries as to where you 
replied to him, IMO get through to the reader, and leave you with something
of a credibility problem.

Furthermore your protagonist is not a serious one in marxist terms. He appears
to have called your viewpoint drivel and you are counterattacking.

You are free of course to use whatever tone you like but the tone overall comes
over to me as macho. Your polemical distortion of a young liberal into 
a young liberal fascist is at best polemical. It may be something worse.

It appears to be based on this argument: 
"One of the attributes of fascism is the use of mystification as a tool to
sow confusion." 

And presumably it goes on "You are sowing confusion." "Ergo, you are a fascist".

Such a line of argument debases the term "fasicism", which, if you think it 
seriously threatens North America, is an important concept to get right.

Actually I think I detect another idea which may explain your approach.
In your piece on irrationalism you argued 

"     The cutting edge of the fight against irrationalism must zero
in on those who conciliate with the forces who create illusions
about the possibilities of reforming the capitalist system. "

This is consistent with the position Stalin supported in the early thirties
of directing the main blow against the middle elements. 

It is a line that far from isolating fascism, may drive people into its arms.

Certainly away from you.

I understand the posts that seem to have started off this thread are - 

15th Dec "Young Liberal Fascist"

22nd Dec "Young Liberals on Stalin & Lenin (I & II)"

Then a gap till

23rd Jan "Young Liberal Fascist (III)"

but by Saturday 10th Feb we are up to "Young Liberal Fascist (XIII)"

Shawgi, I would be grateful to know when this series is coming to an end and 
whether you would be willing to identify the achievements and shortcomings
of the Soviet Union under Stalin's leadership in more interactive
exchanges with members of this l'st.

Thank you.


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