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Mao joined the Kuomingtang?  Temporarily allied with them, I guess
you mean.  Some Chinese peasants claim that they were denounced and
punished, I mean re-educated, for having once been members of the K. 
Some of the poor souls had thought that a dual membership in the K
and the Communists was insurance, so that they would be okay if
either one ended up in power.  Anyway, they were allies at the time,
because job one was to fight the Japanese invaders.

Of course, once the external threat was over ...

At least, that is what some peasants told Betty Bao, who wrote it
down and published it.


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In the meantime, let's talk about the politics of the Shining Path,
of  Mao, of Stalin. Godena, what about the "bloc of 4 classes"? Are
you for  this? Do you think Mao was correct when he joined the
Kuomingtang? Did  this advance the struggle against capitalism?

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