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Tue Feb 13 10:11:21 MST 1996

On Tue, 13 Feb 1996 glevy at acnet.pratt.edu wrote:

> Well ... the "Amherst School" is a rather vague expression since it 
> includes divergent perspectives like those of Resnick and Wolff and SSA 
> (Social Structure of Accumulation). Neither of these perspectives 
> explicitly *reject* the "primacy of class." David M. might want to add 
> something about R&W who are broadly sympathetic to the Althusserian 
> perspective.

Louis: I recently read Resnick and Wolff's tribute to Althusser shortly 
after his death. It is an extremely clear rejection of the primacy of 
class. I have no idea what the SSA is. Yeah, I should have not referred 
to the "Amherst School". My impression is that this is shorthand for 
Resnick and Wolff. If it isn't, apologies to one and all.

> On what basis are you combining Delueze/Guattari with Negri? 

Louis: Maybe I am confused. I am speaking of Antonio Negri, born in 1933, 
who co-authored that hippie manifesto "Communists like Us" with Guattari. 
It is entirely possible that you folks are talking about another Negri. 
If you are, then apologies to one and all.

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