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Tue Feb 13 13:19:27 MST 1996

No Luciano, I just posted it to warn folks about this idiot on the list, 
a little 'outing' of his obvious talent. You're a nice guy, I'm a nice 
guy, you argue your way and I'll argue mine. I don't need sympathy 
thanks, I just think folks should see the high level of debate some like 
to engage in. 


On Tue, 13 Feb 1996, Luciano Dondero wrote:

> At 21.07 12/02/96 -0600, you wrote:
> >Sometimes my private mail is more entertaining than the list. Here is some
> >rare insight in to the political situation today. Elsequin at's deep
> >understanding of the balance of forces and his selfsacrificing dedication to
> >struggle and enlightenment is ...well it's inspiring.
> Well, I really don't think that it was such a good idea to repost your
> private email, Scott. 
> While I have deep political differences with you, I find that the posts of
> this deranged element do not really contribute to making any discussion
> about anything going one inch further. 
> Did you reproduce them to solicit some sympathy and solidarity? For what it
> is worth, on a human level, you (as well as Charlotte) certainly get mine. 
> As you might have noticed on this list, I try to never get into arguments
> which have no discernible purpose. 
> I like the following, is Marx quoting Dante Alighieri thus: "Non ti curar di
> lor, ma guarda e passa" ((Don't pay any attention to them, but look and go -
> rough transl. mine)).
> Comradely,
> --Luciano Dondero--

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