Elsequin should fuck off and die

Marcus Strom MSTROM at nswtf.org.au
Wed Feb 14 12:10:10 MST 1996

Dear comrades and others,

For the near one year I have been on the list, there have been those 
who have annoyed me, riled me, got me angry, disappointed me and 
bored me. There have been those who have positively engaged in 
threads of thought I am interested in, and generally I have been 
heartened by the cross-fertilisation of marxist, revolutionary and 
academic thought on this list.

Up until now, I have never actively loathed anyone who has posted on 
this list. MIM were obviously maoists without an audience in the real 
world and I was happy that they found someone to talk to (I didn't 
read much of their stuff).

The market socialists are fine too. We can all learn from each other 
and practice will surely sort them out. In a revolutionary situation 
when people are acting and not looking for neat technocratic 
solutions, they will be forced to either side with the revolution or 
side with their pre-determined market socialist panacea.

The libertarians are almost off the register for me, but their 
pro-capitalist ideology, their naiviety in the individual will and 
their base stupidity are somewhat amusing.

Then we get this elsequin fuckwit. I will not even bother addressing 
him. He is obviously a moron, and is deeply disturbed human being. 
The psychological damage that capitalist alienation develops in 
people is truly disturbing in some people.

I suggest that absolutely no-one pay the slightest attention to him 
from this point on. Some of the trotskyist attacks against stalinists 
on this list have run a bit close to the rail for my liking, but have 
rarely stepped over the mark. The smugness of the stalinists is 
annoying too. Every time they are attacked, in increases their 
smugness "if we are being attacked from all sides, then we must be 
doing the right thing".

As some of you know, I think that stalinists and trotskyists deserve 
each other, fighting out their titanic battles without moving the 
revolutionary movement forward one iota.

As for our disgustingly anti-communist participant elsequin, he is 
sick, he has nothing to offer our list, nothing to offer the workers 
movement and nothing to offer the revolution. With comments that 'red 
fascists are worse than the right', lead you straight to being a 
police spy and turning them in. Elsequin deserves the company of 

I have huge differences with the 'official' communist parties. I 
believe they are centrist organisations which will be rent asunder in 
a revolutionary situation. Their clumsy clinging to notions of 'the 
people'. Clumsy popular frontism is a *failed strategy of the past*.

Anyway, let's drive this fuckwit off our list.


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