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Tue Feb 13 20:26:49 MST 1996

Lisa Rogers wrote:

> Mao joined the Kuomingtang?  Temporarily allied with them, I guess
> you mean.

The CCP did not temporarily align with the Koumingtang. They dissolved 
(i.e. liquidated) the party and joined the Koumingtang.

This was connected to Communist International policy in the late 20's and 
was part and parcel of the CI's international policy towards bourgeois 
democratic movements in the colonial world. Essentially, it was suggested 
that communists within the colonial countries should become part of the 
bourgeois democratic movement. This was an entension of the two-step 
theory of revolution (first bourgeois revolution then, after an 
indeterminate period of time, socialist revolution). It was also, one 
could argue, an extension of Stalin's "socialism in a single country" 
doctrine and a retreat from support for revolutionary socialist 
movements internationally. Already by this time, the Communist 
International 's policies were being guided more by Soviet foreign policy 
considerations than attempting to extend the world revolution (which had, 
of course, been the guiding principle of the CI earlier under the 
leadership of Zinoviev and Lenin).

The debacle in 1926-27 caused Stalin and the CI to change policy again 
(what Trotsky called a "zig-zag") with disasterous consequences in Germany.


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