Ooh 'R' Ya ?

rnewton at rpms.ac.uk rnewton at rpms.ac.uk
Wed Feb 14 02:44:44 MST 1996

Greetings - I have just subscribed to this list and I thought it would be
good to find out what sort of people are on the list. So I will introduce
myself first.

Name: Richard Newton
Lives in : London
Career : Medical Photographer
Politics : Member of Militant Labour
Likes : Football (supports Charlton ) , Music of a wide variety , real ale.

Hates : careerist polititions , the British "Royal" family , cider.
I think that will do. 

                                          ( __ )
                             All the best from Richard
HOME PAGE http://www.rpms.ac.uk/csc/photo/photoatsg1.html
PERSONAL PAGE http://www.rpms.ac.uk/csc/photo/photoatsg13.html


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