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> Otto Ruhle's biography of Marx is a popular work in the best sense
> of the word.

Another perspective:

"An attempt to create a full-length 'psychograph' of Marx largely on a 
physiological basis. Written by a veteran of proletarian pictoral 
literature, it is a medical plus Freudian plus Sunday supplement 
interpretation of Marx's life, albeit of a professed admirer. Follows the 
hideous precedent of Prinz and Sombart on 'compensatory' needs of Marx to 
elaborate his theory. To be read with great caution, and on the whole, 

--William J. Blake _Elements of Marxian Economic Theory and its 
Criticism_, NY, Corden Company, 1939, p. 671.


PS1: See Rakesh: you are not the only one who can quote Blake.

PS2: I imagine, Ralph, that the above will make you want to rush back to 
the bookstore and buy a copy. Sounds like your cuppa. :-)

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