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You'll make a good lawyer - especially when pompousness is called for. Who
said 'not exposed' - people have been giving me his stuff since I was
thirteen and briefly around the YSA. I said I tryed to read him and found
him abstract and convoluted. (Granted I have not read much of his narative
stuff but more selections of his theoretical stuff.) Just a flash I haven't
read much of Stalin either and found him wooden and pedantic. I'm glad you
like Trotsky but what is clear to your analytical mind is not nessessary so
for others. By contrast I've always found Lenin and Marx very clear and
understandable except for certain parts of capital.

Lastly, I don't think what one has read is the best indication of ones
understanding of anything - absent a lot more rounding out it means little -
just check out the 'marxism' being taught in most universities.


ps. since you are neither a Trotskyite nor a Trotskyist maybe I should wait
for them to publish the definitive tract on proper nomenclature. I don't
recall Trotsky ever declaring, "I am not a Trotskyist."

>It's too bad that a committed communist has never been exposed to the
>writings of a leader of the the Bolshevik revolution and the head (elected
>by workers!) of the 1905 St. Petersburg Soviet, the man Lenin practically
>appointed as his No. 2, and an important figure in the history of Marxist
>thought. Not least, a genuinely great prose writer, the best Marxism has
>had since Marx hmself. But it's not too late. You can get an introduction
>in the one-volume History of the Russian Revolution (the abridged version,
>for starters. Vivid, excitimng, dramatic, factually accurate, and
>remarkbaly modest, I might say, considering his rile in the events he's
>narrating. As with any work of history, people will differ about
>interprettaions of events, but that's life. Convoluted and abstract? Hardly.
>Btw I am not and never have been a Trotsky_ist_, which is the way that
>followers of T refer to themselves. (Not as Trotsky_ite_.)
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