Negri's Marxism

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Wed Feb 14 08:06:01 MST 1996

On Wed, 14 Feb 1996, David McInerney wrote:

> that is obviously silly.  The best source of Negri's views on class is
> obviously reading Negri's writings on class, not the simple fact that he
> was friends with Guattari or anyone else.  I am friends with postmodernists
> too.  Does that make me a class traitor?


"Since the 1960's, new collective subjectivities have been affirmed in 
the dramas of social transformation. We have noted what they owe to 
modifications in the organization of work and to developments in 
socialization; we have tried to establish that the antagonisms which 
they contain are no longer recuperable within the traditional horizon 
of the political. But it remains to be demonstrated that the innovations 
of the '60s should above all be understood within the universe of 
consciousnesses, of desires, and of modes of behaviour."

This is from Guattari and Negri's "Communists Like Us" written in 1985. I 
hesitate to read any more of Negri if this the type of thinking and 
writing he is capable of. "Communists Like Us" is simply a rotten piece 
of thinking and writing from beginning to end.

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