socialism in one country

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Wed Feb 14 18:27:40 MST 1996

You(Charlotte) wrote: 
.Carlos, when have I said Trotsky or anyone is too complicated? I've
>read Trotsky and many others who I oppose.


    I apologize for whatever missunderstanding we had.  It is *great*
    you read trotsky, Charlotte ... Now we probably have something
    to talk about.

    Tell me:

    1) What did you read about Trotsky (titles)

    2) Once you produce the list above, which of those texts
    you found objectionable or not correct and why.

    3. Would you like to discuss any of those texts publicly?

    4. You didn't answer any of my political points.  You only
    insist in superficial attacks and defenses of yourself, but
    not substantive positions ... C'mon, Charlotte, don't be
    shy, answer my questions .... For example: what is your position
    about the Stalinist theory of "Socialismin One Country" which is
    the title of this thread and that you do not address at all in
    your posting?



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