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You(Jerry) wrote: 
>FWIW, I find Trotsky's writings to be much clearer and polished than 
>Lenin's. Lenin is often too dry and his prose is frequently rambling 
>disorganized (I know since I, in my youth, read all 45 volumes which I 

>bought for $65 in 1971).

    Agreed on this, Jerry.  With the exception of those books by
    Lenin that were edited by Radek (i.e.: State an Revolution).
    By all accounts, Radek, according to trotsky was "the best
    professional writer of the Bolshevik Party".

    I also like many of the writtings from Zinoviev (I particularly
    remember his articles criticizing the name change of the
    German Workers Social Democratic Party to German Social Democratic
    Party --- the state within the state and so forth)

    One of this days, somebody should unearth Zinoviev's and Radek's

    Jerry wrote:

 Both Trotsky and Lenin, however, were excellent 
>speakers by all accounts.


    There are writtings (many!) describing the abilities of both
    Trotsky's and Lenin's abilitites as speakers (some consensus
    that Trotsky's speeches at the Circus in 1917 were best) but
    I found chronicles of the 1917 revolution stating that the best
    bolshevik speaker at the time was La Kolontai.  Did you hear about

    BTW: there are at least two taped public speeches by Trotsky, at
    least one of them in English trasmitted through telephone to a
    Convention of the SWP.  Did anybody heard that one?

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