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Wed Feb 14 21:50:49 MST 1996

On 14 Feb 1996, Michael Luftmensch wrote:

> re-ISO & Hamas
> Hamas is a theocratic and deeply reactionary organization. I find it hard to
> understand why a socialist would support it. 
> luftmensch

first let me introduce my self
i am a palestinian - american who newly moved to the US for collage. i 
have been on this list for some time but i've only posted once or twice.

i thought i should reply to this post (i did not see the original post, 
if any one has it could you send it to me).

i don't think Hamas in it self is worthy of suport from anyone, especialy 
from a socialist even though the two major maxest groups in palestin have 
allied themselfs with hamas after the "peace" agreements. but i also 
think that any resistance to the ocupation is worth suporting.

right now Hamas a much bigger percentage of the palestinian people than 
you indicated. the suport for Hamas is a result of the suicidal path part 
of the palestinian leadership is taking. many people believe that this 
prosses is not only one that will not lead us to a just solution but one 
that will lead to the death of the palestinian couse

in th years after the uprising i felt from every day life that Hamas 
posed a much less threat to the palestinian society then the main peace 
suporters "Fatah" do.

i think that the palestinian have a very dark future ahead of them no 
matter what direction our strugle takes now that the damage of the peace 
prosses has been done.


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