Fwd: Questions concerning the SWP.

Chegitz Guevara mluziett at shrike.depaul.edu
Wed Feb 14 21:31:10 MST 1996

On Wed, 14 Feb 1996 MD575151 at aol.com wrote:

>      I have recently visited Seattle pathfinder bookstore.  I walked in on a
> discussion on Cuba.  I remember a while back there was a big fuss about
> weather the SWP was good or bad.  They seemed nice to me.  So, before I get
> involved with anything--What do you think about this organization, esp. the
> Young Socialist faction.
> Thanks,
>   --Mike Dean 

RUN!!!!!!!! FLEE!!!!! And don't let them know your phone number. I'm 
being serious. Along with the ISO and the Sparts, they are one of the 
most cultish grouplets on the left.

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