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Wed Feb 14 23:44:23 MST 1996

>>    BTW: there are at least two taped public speeches by Trotsky, at
>>    least one of them in English trasmitted through telephone to a
>>    Convention of the SWP.  Did anybody heard that one?
>Do you know how to get hold of these, or any way lisen to them?  Are 
>the only recordings of Trostkys speaches?


        At least one of the tapes is in the possession of the SWP and   
        it is in their archives (the speech delivered to their          
        convention).  The other one was an speech, in English,          
        delivered in Stockholm to a youth group of the then Social
        democratic party. Maybe somebody from Sweden (Per?) can
        find out.  There are also a couple movies (documentaries
        from the revolutionary times) that have the voice of Trotsky
        and Lenin.  Few years back Public Television had a series on
        the Russian Revolution with the voices.
        I never listened to the English speeches and I would love to
        do so.




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