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Adam Rose wrote a lot of reasonable stuff, and then this:

>The reason the German revolution failed in 1923 was firstly that the KPD
>was formed to late to win the confidence of the best militants before
>the revolution. So when Rosa Luxembourg realised that the militants
>were planning a premature uprising, she was unable to prevent it. She
>paid for this lack of influence with her life. In contrast, the Bolsheviks
>were able to stop a similar uprising in June 1917, survive the July
>repression intact, and lead the October revolution.
>This meant that come 1923 in Germany, the KPD did not have the experienced
>and trusted leadership that the Bolsheviks had in 1917, and we had Stalinism
>in Russia and Fascism, ultimately, in Germany.

making the whole business a question of national party timing, and
abstracting from the whole history of the international class struggle in
the ten years between 1917 and 1927. For instance why could the Bolsheviks
lead the October revolution to victory and end up being usurped by the
Stalinists? They had the 'confidence of the best party militants', and yet
Stalinism got the upper hand.

How about mentioning the concerted and frenzied counter-attack by the
imperialist bourgeoisies  and their arse-licking Social Democrat allies
against the new workers' state and against the international surge of
political and organizational proletarian support for it?

The omission is probably because the British SWP can't account for the
Stalinist degeneration of the workers' state, doesn't understand the
dialectics of the international defence of a national dictatorship of the
proletariat against a hostile and economically more powerful besieging
imperialism, and psychologizes the achievement of the Bolsheviks by
confusing the socio-economic foundations of a state, rooted in class power,
with a regime, rooted in the particular interests of a certain group within
(sometimes merely just related to) the ruling class.

So how about filling us in with the missing bits so we can see if I'm wrong?





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