Peru and Amnesty Internation

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>  While AI continues to claim to be "above politics", its bias' is clearly in
> favor of the neo-liberal ideology currently sweeping the "community of
> nations."  AI is not a disinterested body standing above class, impartially
> meting out praise or condemnation, regardless of politics.  It is, in fact,
> deeply involved in both the day to day politics of western capitalism, as
> well as in the larger structural scheme of the realignment of the world
> economy.  In fact, any standards that Amnesty applies across the board to
> insugencies fighting neo-libeal or reactionary governments must, of
> necessity, be badly flawed.   

> Later that year, AI issued its famous "between two fires" reports, claiming
> that the Peruvian people were victims of both the PCP and the government in
> about equal measure.  In fact, much of this report was based, not on facts

>  Your analogy re Algeria is very helpful.  Might we not, as marxists, create
> a viable leftist alternative to AI?  What do you think?

	As one who was mainly introduced to leftism through participation
with Amnesty International, I would ask you submit the exact policy of AI
you have in question. When citing a report of Amnesty International, if
you truly want to have an intelligent debate, please type and reference
it. Then allow others to respond with a counterpoint. 

	Concerning the between two fires tactic, it seems a valid point to
me concerning the many news stories which I have read about the PCP
entering villages, and slaughtering any opposition whether peasant,
worker, or teacher. I'm not qualified to comment about Peru, but I'm
willing to learn. Though the reason I question you as such is because you
are still loyal to Stalin, and Stalinists get nearly absolute zero
credibility. As if you continue to live in the illusionary world where
Stalin is a Great Patriotic Leader, or Kim II Sung a Dear Leader you will
continue to lose credibility as a source of information, as you already

	Viable leftist alternative to AI? Please surface the evidence
about how AI is tied to American capital, then I'll submit some that they

Cols, Oh


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