Shanghai Massacre

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Thu Feb 15 13:54:11 MST 1996

Andre Malraux, Le Condition Humain, translated into English as Man's Fate.


On Wed, 14 Feb 1996, CEP wrote:

>     Louis Proyect, you are doing a good job on China, Stalinism and
>     those bastards of Shiny Shit.  I disagree with you (or rather
>     your sources) here and there, but nothing substantial.  Don't
>     forget to mention the author of "Human Fate" (?)-- La Condicion
>     Humana.  He wrote the book based on some of the facts you are
>     describing.  And he should know ... he was one of the Comintern
>     delegates in China at the time ...
>     Comradely,
>     Carlos
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