I am the guy who asked about the SWP

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Thu Feb 15 19:04:39 MST 1996

What the?!!?!?!?!?!?
      Whats up with these storys about the SWP?  Don't worry, I get the point
about the few pros and many cons of the SWP.  I totaly agree that getting
involved with a party is better than not getting involved with any, but that
does not mean that I should join the first one I see, I get it.  Unfortunatly
the SWP already has my number, they told me about some discussion they were
having about Cuba this week and asked if I was interested.  I said yes.  They
did not know the exact time the discussion was, they said the would call
me--the rest is history.  Oh well.
     Anyway, I am interested in getting involed with some organization.  I
have to be honest and say that I do not think I would be up for starting a
new chapter of some party where I live.  So does anyone know of some
organization that has a few members in the Seattle area?
--Mike Dean

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