CNI Action Alert: Republican War on the Environment

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Thu Feb 15 17:56:18 MST 1996

At 8:15 AM 2/15/96, CNI wrote:

>The following comes from the monthly "Nation Alert" published by _The
>Nation_ magazine:
>Just a few of the more than 50 laws and riders attacking the environment
>that Republicans have tried to sneak through Congress during 1995 include:

This is all very true, but the goddam Clinton administration, as Jeff St
Clair just pointed out on my radio show only 3 hours ago, has done more
environmental damage in 4 years than Reagan & Bush did in 12. NAFTA, St
Clair argues, alone is more nature-killing than any other single act in
decades. With Clinton as president, the Dem-loving big enviro organizations
are silenced; with a Republican president, there would be an uproar.

Case in point: the lovefest between industry, the big EnviroOrgs (crippled
by their stock portfolios and their corporate joint-venture partners), and
the Clinton administration which will essentially let industry do whatever
the hell it wants.



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