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Scott Marshall scott at
Thu Feb 15 18:55:41 MST 1996

>I find it sort of odd that CPers tend to be very respectful of all of
>Lenin's views except his very high assessment of T. With regard to that,
>they follow Stalin. Mostly since Khrushchev they have not repeated thge
>ridiculous lies of the purges, that T was a fascist agent or conducted a
>systematic campaign of sabaotage and terrorism in the USSR. But they don't
>respect Lenin's judgment of T, which was good enough to make him in effect
>the No. 2 man in the Soviet govt and the Party while Lenin lived. The
>explanation for this is obvious, of course.

Scott: Actually there are pluses and minuses to what lenin had to say about
Trotsky as you should well know as the scholar you are. To seriously hold
that Trotsky never fought Lenin (how about attacked and strongly disagreed
with) is rediculous and self serving at best. I've always marveled that
Trotskists ignore the real differences Lenin had with Trotsky. They often
raise Lenin's 'last will' article about Stalin, but Lenin's take there on
Trotsky was not exactly one calling him "number two." Also as a matter of
little historical importance, Stalin consistently voted with Lenin on the
Brest peace issue while Trotsky stubornly maintained his 'convoluted' not
peace nor war stance. Lenin's response was quite sarcastic and irritated.
Lenin was right.

ps. Justin I do owe you an apology for the 'pompous' crack. On the list it's
too easy to get into 'combat' mode and forget that it's all in fun. 

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