II Intl & Nazi rise to power

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Thu Feb 15 22:44:10 MST 1996

Comrades I have moved from Pine to Eudora and of course with all "simpler"
technologies I am having a nightmare of a time.  I cannot find Hugh's reply
to my SPD post.  Could he please re post it to me?

I thank Adam and Louis for their kind comments.


>Hugh writes:
>> Gary Maclennan wrote a gripping account of aspects of the Nazi takeover in
>> Germany. But among other things he said:
>> >Marxists especially of the Trotskyist persuasion have correctly been very
>> >critical of the role of the Comintern in the rise of Fascism.  As my report
>> >on Dimitrov showed I accept a lot of this.  however it cannot be doubted
>> >that the primary responsibility for the rise of Hitler rests with the Social
>> >Democrats.
>> It can be very much doubted.
>> Gary falls between two stools with his statement.
>I think you are taking Trotsky's writings out of context and as a 
>result letting today's reformists off the hook.
>Adam Rose
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