Why Stalinism Cannot Answer the Questions Raised in This List?

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Fri Feb 16 02:01:28 MST 1996

    As the debate in this list ha amply demonstrated, Stalinism is
    not enterily dead, ecen though they manage to almost anhilinate

    In recent threads in this list I learned:

    1. Stalinism continue to be a reformist, rotten ideology that
    preserves the worst traits of its own history.  Whether they
    defend, as the CPUSA members do, an alliance with imperialist
    bourgeois politicians through the fantasy of building an anti-
    fascist front with the Democratic Party or try to force a block
    with the Peruvian bourgeosie by way of forcing that alliance
    by terrorist blackmail, the end result of the strategy is to
    sell out the immediate and historical interests of the working
    class internationally.

    2. In spite the fact that Maoism has subsisted through a campaign
    of terror and violence and that the regimes of the former Soviet
    Union and eastern Europe led and paved the way for capitalist
    restoration, they both insist in singing the glories of             
    bureaucratic domination through gulags, imprisonment and murder of
    political left opponents.

    No matter if you are talking about the murders of left wing         
    activitists in Peru or the Moscow trials and the murder of almost   
    entire generations of Russian revolutionaries, all branches of
    Stalinism in this list has united to defend their respective        
    crimes, negate history or simply slander any critic with the by now
    old method of accussing them of CIA, agents of Mossad, provocateurs 
    and moutpieces of capitalism (strange accussations if one thinks
    that are coming from people who wnat an alliance with the domestic
    agents of imperialist capital!)

    3. They seemed to have learned nothing about the historical events
    that ended their historically brief existence as a bureacratic      
    caste in power in a number of countries. For years they talked      
    about the strenght and invincivility of the "Socialist System"
    and it collapse like a castle of cards in a matter of years.

    If anything, they re-united without a word of balance-sheet.  Now
    we see CPUSA members in this list defending Shiny Shit Maoism,
    proclaiming China as comrades for life, accepting without a         
    question anything they do.  What happened with all those            
    "princippled" splits and divisions, accussing each other of being
    pawns of imperialism, "paper tigers" and so on?.

    4. All shades of Stalinism still maintain the reactionary           
    anti-Marxist theories of Stalin:

    a. Socialism in one country: the reactionary theory that predicted
    that socialism and communism can be built in isolation, in one
    country, independently of the international fight against           

    b. The reactionary theory of revolution by stages.  Against Lenin
    and the Bolsheviks, Stalinists pursued and still pursue an strategy
    of first "a democratic revolution" or a "peoples revolution" and
    claim that all democratic tasks should be fullfilled before a
    *socialist* stage is fought for.  Whether they want to do that
    electorally (as Gus Hall of the CPUSA) or putting a gun in the      
    throat of some bourgeois leaders like in Peru, the fact remains
    that all Stalinists *opposse* the concept of the Permanent          
    revolution (Trotsky) and of the April Theses (Lenin) that state
    that democratic task, at the time of capitalist decandence, can
    onl be fullfilled through socialist revolution.

    c. All Stalinists in this list insist in a brutal, bureaucratic
    conception of the party in which tendencies, factions, discussion
    and differences are "disruptive", unnecesary and prohibited.  Shiny
    Shit will kill the "factionalists", CPUSA will expell them but the
    result is the same: they kill the idea anc concept of the Bolshevik
    party of Lenin.

    d. Whether they are from Shiny Shit which claim that the vanguard
    opf the revolution is the peasantry or from the CPUSA, which        
    claiming allegiance to the working class turn power of leadership
    to the imperialist democrats, all Stalinists in this list have,
    in fact, abandoned the Marxist concept of the working class as the
    subject for revolution.

    This is accentuated by the defense of strategies that are alien to
    the working class: a)preserving the hegemony of bourgeois           
    leadership by supporting imperialist parties and politicians, thus
    opposing in fact the class independence of workers (CPUSA) or b)by
    spousing petit-bourgeois strategies of "people's war" and           
    "guerrillarism" (Shiny Shit).

    5. All Stalinists in this List are united in the basic distortion
    and fabrication of history.  They did that for years.  Trotsky,
    Kamemev, La Kolontai,Zinoviev, Radek, Preobrashenski and thousands
    of other marxists and revolutionaries were practically eliminated
    from history books and theoretical discussions.  Photos, movies,
    books and facts were changed to accomodate those who betrayed   
    internationalism and revolution (Stalin, Mao). They still refuse
    to discuss those events.  They deny, even when confronted with
    all the historical evidence, the facts.  They want all of us to
    take *only* they words and writtings as sacred literature.  Any
    other source is counter-revolutionary, pro-imperialist, paid by
    the CIA, eetc

    They murdered bolsheviks in Russia and China in the 30s, the 40s,
    the 50s acussing them of being agents of the Nazis, the fascists,
    the japanese and now of the CIA or the Mossad in the 80s and 90s

    6. When confronted in the Cyberspace with a political discussion
    and they are asked about China and the Kuomintag in 1920s, they
    refused to answer.  When confronted with their lies about trotsky
    and his positions, they refused to answer. When confronted with
    questions asking what procedure, what due process, what principples
    and what kind of defense was dispensed to those murdered by Shiny
    Shit, they refused to answer.

    Stalinists in this list only resort to insults, accussations and
    statements of "we are going to take care of you".  They didn't
    change a bit, only they are now a rump group.

    Of course Trotskyists and other revolutionaries are, were and maybe
    many of them will continue to be sectarians and incapable of
    leading us in a revolutionary process.  But comparing them and      
    their historical missdemeanors with the crimes and felonies of
    Stalinism is like comparing a kid stealing an apple in the corner
    shop with a serial murder.

    If we want to win a second opportunity for Marxism, Stalinism       
    should be buried.  The CPUSA variety and the Shiny Shit variety.
    They are harmful for your health.  They need to be buried in the
    bin of history.



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