Bourgeois politics and fascism

Bradley Mayer concrete at
Fri Feb 16 05:32:22 MST 1996

>From bhodisatva:

>        I really enjoy having Buchanan in the race.  He's always provided me
>with hours of laughs.  However, as much as I enjoy the man, and his confused
>attempts at populism, he is starting to sound a little fascist.  I mean,
>linking working class antagonism with isolationism; linking resentment of
>"men with green eye shades" and resentment of Mexicans; this combination 
>is a
>little troubling. Now, I'm sure it's all in good fun, and Buchanan's glaring
>flaws as a politician and a person may even show real economic populists an
>opportunity to knock him off his high horse and get something started, 
>but it
>is a little worrisome to think that the total package might be taken
>        For now, I'll sit back, relax and watch Dole try to be a socialist.
>Who even cares if Seinfeld is on?

As I said in previous posts, Buchanan is in pursuit of the permanant 
mobilization of the (reactionary) masses guided by the Transitional 
Program for the Fascist Counterrevolution.  In other words, he is 
fighting for his *politics* over his personality, and if he can get Dole 
or Clinton to carry out *Buchanan's* policies, then it is all the same to 
Buchanan. Now, THAT'S a scary thought, especially in the U.S.

By the way, Buchanan was attacked as, amongst other things, a 
"socialist", in a all-Republican debate held in New Hampshire today and 
televized on CNN.  I have also seen columns run in corporate "liberal" 
papers such as the SF Chronicle in which a portrait of Buchanan is 
juxtaposed to a picture of...Karl Marx.   

All I can say is SHAME ON THE U.S. LEFT (especially the Scott Marshall Left)!
See how the mindless support to Clinton and the Democrats by Jesse 
Jackson, et al, allows the political regime to represent Buchanan as the 
"workingmans alternative".  SHAME!

				-Brad Mayer

P.S. Apologies to L. Proyect and others for my unavailability in 
responding to the fascism thread.  I'm sure it will be rejoined again 
soon - it's obviously of pressing importance.

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