Fight is on for a socialist oriented British Labor Party

Adam Rose adam at
Fri Feb 16 08:00:55 MST 1996

> Ken Livingstone said, "The struggle for socialism is going 
> to be fought within the next Labor government, and Scargill 
> has opted out of that."

It's true, that is what he said - What a load of rubbish.

The battle against Labour in government will be conducted on the streets
and in the workplaces.

In the Wilson government of 64-70, their precursor of Thatcher's trade
union laws, In Place of Strife, was defeated by strikes and demonstrations
for the most part led by the Communist Party ( this was the very time
when Ken Livingstone, in contrast to practically everyone else on the
left, was joining the Labour Party ! ).

In 74-79, the fight against the social contract was in the workplace 
and on the picket line. Unfortunately, in the end it was beaten,
precisely because by this time the CP, via the Left Trade Union
Bureaucrats, was in the pocket of the Labour government. So we
had well known CP stewards, who had been central to the fight against 
the Tories in 70 - 74, organising the scabbing.

The price of Ken Livingstone's position can be seen clearly over the
breakdown of the ceasefire in Ireland. Tony Blair went along with John
Major arguing that it was the IRA's fault, when everyone knew it was
because John Major has been pandering to the Unionists. Major was
a sitting target. but Blair refused to deliver the blow. What did
Ken Livingstone, the well known Republican sympathiser, say ?
Nothing. Criminal Stupidity !

The vast majority of those who argue that the timing of a split is
wrong do so because in practise they have no intention of splitting.

I disagree with the SLP on many things, but not this.


Adam Rose


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