Shanghai Massacre

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Fri Feb 16 07:14:52 MST 1996

Louis: Okay, let me get this straight. Stalin gave bad advice. Meanwhile, 
I can only assume that the alternative put forward by Chen was correct 
advice since you do not critique it. Your approach to Chen is to denigrate 
him for his eventual political evolution. As long as you agree 
with the substance of his analysis in 1927, then we have no disagreement. 
The substance of his analysis, just to remind ourselves, is that Stalin's 
Comintern was sabotaging the Chinese proletarian revolution. I plan to 
move on to Mao in the weeks to come and we will have much more to talk 
about, I'm sure.

On Thu, 15 Feb 1996, Dan Axtell wrote:

> In point of fact, the blood of the Chinese workers was on the hands of
> Chinese reactionaries.  Did Stalin and Bukharin give bad advice?  I am
> sure they did.  But it is instructive that Mao, who had to lead struggles
> in the Party against the "Moscow line", did not abandon the Party like
> Chen did, but forged the correct strategy.  It is not too surprising that
> China's inexperienced revolutionaries would have listened to the Comintern's
> advice, as the USSR had a lot of prestige as the only successful
> revolutionaries.  But it is very telling to me that after Stalin's death,
> Mao and many CPC leaders did not jump on the anti-Stalin bandwagon (and
> they had personal reason to do so--Mao lost his first wife in child in
> the 1927 massacre).  Mao defended Stalin as 70% correct (presumably that
> includes the expelling of Trotskyists), and did a PRACTICAL analysis of
> the problems of Stalin and the USSR in building socialism.

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