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Ralph, i have not seen Wartosky's *Feuerbach*, but i am also interested.
Much of what is written of Feuerbach is through the lenses of Marxism and 
Hegelianism, hence Feuerbach is either seen as a stepping stone for 
understanding Marx, or as a minor (mutated) neo-Hegelian (respectively).  
Wartosky's work is supposed to be quite praising of Feuerbach on his own 
What is the date of the Philosophical Forum issue, i would like to order 
this myself.  i read this issue a few years back, and remember it as very 

What do you think of the idea that Feuerbach has some sort of relational 

Usually Feuerbach is critiqued for an ahistorical and asocial conception 
of human beings or human nature.  It seems to be that the asocial aspect 
may be misplaced, and that his conception of humanism depends on the social 
character of human beings, much like that of Marx(ism).

That is Feuerbach's humanism, new religion and new philosophy pivots on his 
notion of Love.  A Love that is mediated by Reason of and between human 
beings, and not by Faith--which is a unconscious (asocial) self-love.

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