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Sun Feb 18 09:32:18 MST 1996

Why, of course, Charlotte, our Mr. Buchanan is a lying, deceitful opportunist
pandering to the worst instincts of the voters.  How on earth does that
distinguish him from the rest of the Republicans and  Bill Clinton?   I was
merely pointing out that Buchanan has touched a chord among American workers
that the others have not (and, apparently, have no interest in doing so).  I
think it would be a mistake to claim that Buchanan is more racist than
Clinton or the other Republicans.  I am reminded of Malcom X's remark about
the 1964 race between Goldwater and Johnson, in which he reaffirmed his
respect for the former, who he respected "as a man.  Goldwater," he
continued, "tells the Negro that he is simply not for the Negro.  Johnson, on
the other hand, would have the Negro devoured and half-digested before he
realized what was happening."  A typically insightful quote, and one worth
remembering in this race.
                                             Louis Godena      

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