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>I think Buchanan, demagogue that he is, is the only "candidate" who is
>speaking to workers on issues that really matter (he has since dropped the
>national right to work [for less] idea).  He piques their profound sense of
>betrayal and fear in much the same way that Kirkland, Sweeney, Donahue,
>Bywater, et al did a few years back with their covertly racist appeals to
>economic nationalism and against "foreign" competition.  Buchanan does
>something else as well.  He projects very well the worker values of
>patriotism, loyalty and steadfastness to friends, sense of community, and
>optimism that is wholly missing among people like Clinton (of course),
>Wellstone, Jackson, and Bernie Sanders.  The latter three's mousey
>disaffection contrasts sharply with what is really needed by an alternative,
>resurgent political left.
>                                           Louis Godena 

One thing to keep in mind when dealing with Buchanan--although he makes
demagogic "class appeals", he rejects any real class strategy. Instead of
supporting workingclass unity, he seeks division in the working class.Witness
his statements on "Mexicans taking jobs" and his relationship with neo-Nazi,
racist, eugenicist and other assorted fascist organizations. It's nothing
more that the old divide and conquer.  Attempt to appeal to white, and only
white, workers, with a class strategy is nothing but a cover. Buchanan is
really pushing one of the oldest capitalist tricks in the books--get the
workers against each other. They won't have time to fight us. Buchanan owns
stock in corporations which use NAFTA and which export jobs. Is this not
proof enough of the fact that he is nothing more than a lying, deceitful,
bourgeois demagogue?

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