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Sat Jun 1 07:23:55 MDT 1996

. The united front is a fundamental
>weapon of the national-democratic revolution; but it can only be
>developed based on the worker-peasant alliance and led by the
>proletariat, not by the bourgeoisie or the petty-bourgeoisie. In
>this front, the working class, through its Party, enters into an
>alliance with other classes. "But in any event it will give the
>proletariat ample freedom of criticism, of action, of the press
>and of organization." There we have the politics of the united
>front and the independent class politics which the Party must
>never abandon.

Dear Luis,
The above is basically the Menshevik line between the February and October
revolution. Which Lenin fought tooth and nail. Only independent struggle
against all wings of the bourgeoisie can garantee victory. Lenins slogan of
"all power to the Soviets" cut across all the bullshit and was completely

Your united front with elements of the bourgeoisie is in fact cutting the
legs and guts out of a victorious revolution. Just as the Sandinistas handed
it over in elections. the time will come in Peru where the maoists will make
a deal and sell out the revolution for a deal with the bourgeoisie in the
struggle against imperialism. In every revolution in Latin America if and
when a revolution is threatening the bourgeoisie will certainly become
"anti-imperialist" in their rhetoric to be the grave diggers of the
revolutionary uppsurge. And with the maoiast politiks you are sucked into it
every time..

Warm Regards
malecki in exile...

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