CHRIS: Does the PCP want the WMC?

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sat Jun 1 09:03:05 MDT 1996

>This has been my question too.  Particularly since the
>analysis of the PCP is that the world situation today is at
>the stage of strategic OFFENSIVE of the world revolution,
>and the People's War in Peru is at the stage of strategic
>EQUILLIBRIUM, actively preparing for the strategic offensive--
>yet the WMC seems to be stuck in a very DEFENSIVE mode.
>(Too similar for my liking to the RCP/CoRIM's "Rally to the
>And also since lately Mr. Oleachea seems to be very
>concerned, not with the free access of the masses to the
>documents of the PCP, the interview with President Gonzalo,
>the very moving poetry of the revolution--but rather with the
>proper allocation of bourgeois intellectual property rights to
>these things.
>The proletarian revolution aims to eliminate all bourgois rights,
>and bourgeois property rights first and formost.  To a genuine
>communist knowledge is NOT private property.The words of
>President Gonzalo are not the property of whoever transcribed
>them, whoever translated them, whoever posted them here or
>re-posted them with editorial comment there.  They are not
>even the property of President Gonzalo himself.
>They belong to the masses, to the international proletariat and
>to the world revolution.
>Gina/ Detroit
>P.S. Perhaps "Don Adolfo" should stick to promoting the WMC.
>No one so far is contesting his bourgeois property rights to that entity.

Dear Gina,

Despite your Maoist background. Sometimes you hit the nail right on the
head. And in the case of Aldolfo and the above. You certainly do.

malecki in exile...

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