Rahul and Adolfo on small capitalists

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Sat Jun 1 13:00:30 MDT 1996

Rahul writes:

>Or are you forgetting that I violently disagreed with Adolfo
>about small capitalists?

Refresh our memories, please.

I'm fairly sure that if you'd disagreed *violently* I would remember it. I
do in fact read most of your posts, but that shouldn't be taken for granted
on a list with m1's volume.

If you did disagree with Adolfo, please give the quote in extenso, so we
have a chance to see if there's any principle behind the difference. If
there is, I owe you an apology I will be only too glad to make, since this
question of the exploiting role of the petty bourgeoisie is important.

I want to expropriate *all* the expropriators, to change the basis of the
state from capitalist to socialist, not just the baddies to change the
character of the regime from intolerable to temporarily bearable maybe.



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