river of drivel, contribution to by Doug H.

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Sat Jun 1 12:23:23 MDT 1996

On Saturday, June 1, Rolf wrote:

>I cannot speak for the others, two of whom are adversaries of mine
>too. But as for me, I hope you'll understand that what I posted also
>may be taken as a hint to people like you to stick to the Wall Street
>Journal or wherever your hearts belong and give up that too difficult
>Business of trying to Observe the Left. Your thrash and drivel will
>fool only few people into believing that you belong in that political


Excuse me, but I have to side with Doug here.   His posts are always brief
and to the point, whether or not I, as a "vulgar Marxist" always agree with
him.    And I think it is clear that, at least from most of the issues that
he discusses here,  Doug's "heart" is nowhere near that side of the
political spectrum to which you acribe him.

And you know it.

     Louis Godena

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