Expropriating the petty bourgeoisie

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> On Sat, 1 Jun 1996, Hugh Rodwell wrote:
> >
> > It has been the strategic goal of all serious Marxists. No capitalist
> > relations, not even small ones, are compatible with a socialist mode of
> > production. If, for tactical reasons, some *small* (well below ten
> > wage-slaves, I'd guess) exploiters might be tolerated for a period, this is
> > precisely *temporary toleration*, not a programmatic principle for the new
> > society. It would be one of the initial contradictions of the dictatorship
> > of the proletariat.
> >
> Louis: I AM FOR COMMUNISM. I am for the elimination of wage labor, the
> elimination of money, the elimination of classes. When I say I am for not
> attacking small businesses, did you think that I was for preserving them
> as a permanent feature of postcapitalist society? I spoke about Nicaragua
> and the relationship of small and medium sized ranchers and farmers to the
> Sandinista government in enormous detail. I tend to talk about classes in
> relationship to other classes, not in the abstract. In the abstract, there
> should be no classes, but I am not fond of offering up abstractions as you
> do. I also think that a revolution in an advanced country should not
> target small businesses immediately. It will have its hands full with the
> big bourgeoisie seeking to return to power. At any rate these are
> questions that will only be resolved in the living class-struggle.
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Louis Why cant an IRC channel being set up so that you and I can talk in
real time. Please respond.


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