zodiac's missing links

Michael Luftmensch MLuftmensch at hubcap.mlnet.com
Sat Jun 1 10:47:34 MDT 1996


zodiac outsmarts himself

zodiac has released my snipped-up email.

This is his counter-intelligence training:  he directs us
to the header, away from the body of the message.

He snips my reply and leaves only an email address.

lfuhrman at pwu.ca

Comrades, here lies his stupidity:
this is a link to the *power workers  union*
of ontario.


They are in the process of resisting the privitization of Ontario Hydro.


While eyenet has vanished in the wink on an i, the PWU remains.

They have yet to establish a link to those in peru who are resisting
the privitization of public power.

But the link is there.

On July 12, 1994 Ontario Hydro International Inc. and its
consortium  partners successfully bid for 60% ownership
of Luz del Sur, a Peruvian               electrical distribution
company. The purchase price was US$212 million of  which
Ontario Hydro International Inc. contributed US$53 million.
The government of Peru retained 40% ownership of Luz del Sur.



>From: zodiac <zodiac at interlog.com>
>Date: Fri, 31 May 1996 14:22:46 -0400 (EDT)
>Subject: Re: zodiacs blackout
>Michael Luftmensch <MLuftmensch at hubcap.mlnet.com> the comrade of Malecki
>and Mimi writes:
>>Yes, there was censorship. You used Adolfo Olaechea to obscure the links
>>between the peoples in the province of ontario and the peoples of peru.
>>Talk about stupidity - you are counter-intelligence.
>Oh no! Fingered again as an agent of Fujimori!  The fun continues.
>Hey! Pinhead!
>The article on Olaechea came out on April 18. You said you read it. So you
>know that.
>You replied to my query on Ontario Hydro on April 20. That means I found
>out about the link in the Ontario Hydro page after the article on Olaechea
>came out! That is some kinda telepathic censorship, I guess.
>Here is the header from your email to me:
>  Received: from fountain.mindlink.net (fountain.mindlink.net
>  [])
>  by gold.interlog.com (8.6.10/8.6.10) with SMTP id GAA17052 for
>  <zodiac at interlog.com>; Sat, 20 Apr 1996 06:32:37 -0400
>  Received: by fountain.mindlink.net (Smail3.1.29.1 #16)
>  	id m0uAZxy-001byUC; Sat, 20 Apr 96 03:32 PDT
>  From: MLuftmensch at hubcap.mlnet.com (Michael Luftmensch)
>  Reply-To: MLuftmensch at hubcap.mlnet.com
>  To: zodiac at interlog.com
>  Subject: Re: Re: re-situation in peru / ontario hydro
>  Date: 20 Apr 1996 02:51:45 GMT
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>  Organization: InfoTec-CapCollege
>  Hello Ken -
>  I wrote to: lfuhrman at pwu.ca
>  [etc.]
>  Comradely,
>  Michael
>April 20 is a Saturday. I could not get the material in for the April 25
>article -- which mentions New Flag and Borja, etc. Both in a very
>favorable fashion.
>"Comradely," my ass.
>I _knew_ something was screwy with you when you thought I was "censored"
>by the evil Ontario Hydro. Heh heh.

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